never forget that:

  • cas has lived for millions of years
  • cas probably has more experience with military strategy than most people could ever even dream of having
  • cas could probably destroy entire cities if he wanted to
  • cas is actually a being the size of the chrysler building (about 319 m)…


Via making it up as we go

why do i have this on repeat tho. 

well shit lol

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Trying to explain your fandom to other people.

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this the rawest shit i ever seen in my life

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Grand Theft Auto: Hawaii


probably the first time i do a deck break down. Not a profile. and addressing the cards in the deck. Some have been touched upon multiple times. The true heart and soul of the deck. Deoxys.

But anyways lets address each card and what they have to offer with the release of base XY set that was released this month.

For starters the T in TDK.
Thundurus Ex. for one energy he does 30 and attaches a energy from the discard pile to a plasma pokemon on the bench. pretty simple and fast right? well that 30 can go even further as 70 if you have 4 Deoxys Ex on your bench and 90 if you attach a muscle band. A new amazing tool that boost any pokemon’s attack by 20 as long as it is attach to it. Musly band definitely is one of the cards that’ll shape this format. But with muscle bang dropping in . So did Yveltal Ex . with a hp of 170 and i mention this because of one key part. The weakness to lightning. Although Darkrai Ex has a new tool to mess around with. i believe it has its fragile key points. Thundurs for 1 energy can put intense pressure against anything weak to lightning. as well as its own comrades. For example Lugia. Who is getting a lot of hype. Because with muscle band this simple card can reach new and dangerous numbers. The ability Over flow isn’t anything to mess around with. Allowing you take an extra prize is pretty strong and dangerous. Ending the game potentially in 2 turns with the dial cards. Thundurus can easy up pressure against cards like these. But besides that it can honestly pack a punch with its first attack. But lets look at its second attack shall we? For two lightning and a double colorless you use thunderous  noise. which dishes out 90 base. With a beautiful number like that a Yveltal and Lugia are nothing in the face of an active Thundurus. Clean 170 HP and acceleration. Definitely a key player in the deck , but lets look into the parts of the deck.

D-Deoxys Ex.

Deoxys Ex, boy oh boy when this card dropped all i have to say is damn. Mewtwo EX  disappeared. Everyone feared this card because of the great attack it was given. Helix force for a single psychic and plasma energy does 30 + 30. a fully charged x ball on mew two dishes out disaster in a heart beat. dealing 180 with weakness. Mewtwo Ex left for a while. But people soon realized that hey Mewtwo Ex is still a strong player in this currently meta. But why is Deoxys Ex so good in plasma lies in the ability.  Power connect. Deoxys boosts 10 to every other plasma pokemon in play. sounds like a little at first, but this card allows you to stack Deoxys and have 3 on the field. Now your pokemon are all of a sudden doing 30 plus with no problem hitting higher and better numbers. The heart of the deck honestly, with out it the pokemon would be possibly 10 short from major knock outs in this meta its all about the one shots and who takes prizes the quickest.

K - Kyurem team plasma

When this card dropped in the scene, it was a ruthless force to mess with. this non ex card would dish out 120 + for two water and a single colorless.  But what makes this card in my opinion superior to snorlax and lugia ( Yeti variant of plasma) it is a quicker attacker. usually you poor in a lot of your resources onto snorlax and lugia. they have their ups and downs as well. But let us focus on kyurem plasma. This icy dragon does 30 snipe. with mr mime losing its spot light. a lot of people seem to be dropping it because garbodor just keeps popping up every where. and honestly even with garb present. its no excuse to drop mr mime. But 30 snipe on to the back sets up amazing plays. with frost spear for a single water and colorless you’re doing 30 and 30 snipe. But wait you have Deoxys ex who’s supplying you 10 more for each plasma suddenly you’re hitting 30-90 with muscle band or silver bangle. with real fast speed this Non Ex attack is putting out all sorts of pressure. your opponent has to react quick in fromt of this thing.With the same amount of hp as snorlax i believe this is better. Snorlax while it does have an amazing ability where the opponents active can not retreat. Does need to get powered up. and losing a lot of resources isn’t cute.

L ???

landorus promo.

while not a lot of people can have access to this card, i do believe it is a wonderful addition to the decl. This card is amazing in the mirror match along with the darkrai match up. Although to play it you are required to have the same amount of card as your opponent. This can dish out insane amounts of damage. Even a knock out, YES even a knock out. for a fighting and colorless, you do 20 . What 20? How in the world em i suppose to ko a thunders Ex, Darkrai Ex. well when you have the same amount of cards as your opponent you do 50. hmm 50 times 2 equals 100. That still isn’t enough to one shot Ex weak to fighting. Well remember that Deoxys who boosts up your plasma pokemons attack well with 1 and a silver bangle you’re doing 180, of course there are other cards that will allow you to to hit 180.  If you’re planning on playing plasma this should be a definite inclusion to your deck. 

some honorable mentions

silver mirror- silver mirror states while it is attached to a non-ex pokemon it  can not be affected by a team plasmas damage and effect. seems contradicting to add this in a plasma based deck, But it can definitely swing your match up in the mirror match simply because if you make your opponent run out of tool scrappers  you can lock your opponent and slowly win and take the victory.  some people criticize me about that when i played it in my plasma deck. But it is definitely a strong addition

Keldeo Ex - simple card . its ability allows you to rush in . once per keldeo you can rush in and move the bench keldeo Ex into the active position. this is float stone ( makes any pokemon attached with float stone have no retreat) you can simply remove status condition and reactivate blizzard, allow keldeo float stone to reactivate blizzard burn is your goal. and definitely something to look into. Pretty neat combo

This pretty much sums up my review on these card, stay tuned for a deck profile of my plasma variant. 


hey guys i know i haven’t been active. but i decided id right a deck article on plasma. Event though it has been done countless times. i believe many have written it off as a option because of the release of muscle and pairing it up with Lugia Ex. say tuned. 

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